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  • Company Treasurer Search in Luxembourg
    11.06.2021 Updated on: 11.06.2021

    Tasks Treasury Analyst The analyst both builds and manages treasury operations. This includes cash positioning, forecasting and maintenance of the IT & banking infrastructure. If the treasury hub in Luxembourg is established, the analyst will increasingly connect internal stakeholders, operating companies & HQ, as well as external, banks & auditors. She will help bring treasury to the next professional level. Ideal Treasury Analyst The ideal candidate has a relevant degree and at least two years experience in treasury with a MNC. The current role of the ideal candidate is cash manager, junior treasury analyst but, as there are many projects, also treasury consultant. Experience with a TMS is a must, preferably Kyriba. As a person, the treasury analyst is hard-working, flexible and service ...

  • Company Treasurer Search in Luxembourg
    11.06.2021 Updated on: 11.06.2021

    Tasks Senior Treasury ManagerThe first emphasis in this assignment is on building an in-house bank and operational treasury centre. This includes the further implementation of Kyriba. Following this, the focus will be on connecting global operating companies, streamlining treasury operations and bank relations. Bringing treasury to the next level in close cooperations with HQ in the US. By the end of 2021 there will be a three person team, the manager will be the leader of. Strategic risk management and corporate finance are done from the US, with support from Luxembourg. The manager will create excellent global liquidity management, sound forecasting and smooth IC funding. Ideal Senior Treasury ManagerThe ideal candidate for this position has a solid corporate treasury experience of at le...

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