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  • Company Amazon Media EU Sàrl in
    31.05.2020 Updated on: 06.06.2020

    DESCRIPTIONThe EU Books team is looking for a Data Science Manager to build tools and models, and conduct analysis that help us delight and inspire readers by making it easy to read more and get more out of reading.Success in this role will require the courage to chart a new course. You will manage your own team to understand all aspects of the customer journey. You and your team will inform senior business leaders by providing insights and building models that help us engage with customers across their entire digital and physical books experience; and will help us discover and define problems, and apply quantitative solutions to problems to impact our books business. You will be working with cutting edge technologies that enable big data and parallelizable algorithms. You will play an act...

  • Company Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in
    28.05.2020 Updated on: 01.06.2020

    Description des tâches:Post-doctoral Researcher position for “In situ correlative cryo-electron tomography and mass spectrometry applied to lipids during virus-host interaction” (M/F)In this context, we are launching the project “In situ correlative cryo-electron tomography and spatial lipid mapping of Influenza A virus infected cells”, which is in cooperation with the Virology Department at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany (“Membrane Biology of Viral Infection” Group headed by Dr. Petr Chlanda). The interplay between the lipid membrane of an infected host cell and the virions plays an important role in the replication cycle of the influence A virus (IAV) and will be further investigated here with the highest possible spatial resolution for lipid distribution. The successful c...

  • Company Made In Space Europe S.à r.l. in
    24.05.2020 Updated on: 30.05.2020

    Description des tâches:The Sales Engineer is responsible for leading and preparing studies on robotic arm applications for customers missions, leading technical interactions with customers and customer-driven 3D modeling developments. This role requires daily interaction with the Sales Manager and the engineering team. The Sales Engineer from time to time may also support the R&D engineering activities of the company.The ideal candidate has an experience as a spacecraft-level engineer with the technical background capable of 3D modeling in CAD. Specifically, a fluent background in Earth-orbit satellite and satellite servicing missions or lunar missions is desirable. The Sales Engineer role is a customer facing position and in some cases the role that interacts with a customer the most. The...

  • Company Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in
    19.05.2020 Updated on: 21.05.2020

    Description des tâches:Aiming to widen the group’s expertise in the area of nanoporous thin films and their perspective applications as active layers in the fields of gas sensing as well as of functional surfaces in general, CLASMARTS foresees: 1) The development of a prototype equipment for Cluster Beam Deposition (CBD); 2) The study of the growth dynamics of atomic clusters and their assembling into a nanoporous film; 3)The study of the electrical conduction of cluster-assembled nanoporous films. The PhD research plan requires the participation to each one of the steps above. In particular it is expected:• The active participation to the design, assembling, and test of the vacuum system supporting CBD, through the interaction with engineering staff and external supply companies.• The act...

  • Company Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in
    19.05.2020 Updated on: 22.05.2020

    Description des tâches:We are looking for a motivated and experienced chemist with a significant background in analytical chemistry, preferably focused on quantitative analysis of trace compounds (e.g. natural compounds, organic contaminants, toxins) by chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques.The successful applicant will integrate a team of about 10 specialised engineers in analytical chemistry, proteomics and metabolomics, and will be asked to contribute to RDI projects through the design, development and improvement of equipment, processes, methods, protocols, technological solutions and/or products. She/he will also carry out various analyses and experiments in the framework of RDI projects and/or service-delivery activities and ensure the follow-up of equipment.Moreover she/...

  • Company Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology in
    19.05.2020 Updated on: 23.05.2020

    Description des tâches:We put strong focus on the characterisation of microorganisms and identification of specific microbes of potential industrial relevance. In this domain, LIST has an opening for a permanent position for an engineer in applied microbiology with a broad knowledge on molecular microbiology techniques technologies. The successful candidate will contribute to the everyday laboratory activities in the specified fields, having as main missions to:• Support activities in the domain of applied microbiology such as setting up experiments and operation of laboratory scale anaerobic reactors• Participate to field work and sampling of full-scale biogas units • Isolate and characterise microbial strains using biochemical assays, PCR, sequencing, sequence analyses, etc. • Participat...

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